About Us

About Us

 Rawafed Hospitality Furniture company 

Rawafed Hospitality Furniture Company provides you with the following services:

Furniture that is manufactured locally or imported:

The ability to meet customers' demands and achieve their desires is highlighted by the quality they require and at the price that suits them, with unlimited options of raw materials formed by a large group of the most skilled craftsmen under one roof with an area of ​​two thousand square meters with the latest equipment at a standard time and high quality.

High quality imported furniture or completely custom-made locally manufactured furniture, including:

Manufacture and installation of doors (hotels - villas - public facilities)

Hotel Furniture:
- Hotel wardrobes, cabinets and hairdos with beds
(Single bed or double bed with elegant headboard)
- A harmonious and luxurious reception with all its components from sofa sets, wall decoration and wooden decoration
Linens for hotel rooms, including sheets, quilts, pillow towels and mattresses, in addition to carpets and curtains

Furnishing restaurants and halls: chairs, tables, and wedding cushions

School furnishing: Excellent integrated school furniture

Hospital furnishing